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  1. @paul2009 thanks for the advice and input! I was trying to play with the size under the Site Styles section you mentioned, but it won't increase in size beyond 100px. Maybe the image file itself needs to be larger?
  2. LIke the one below? If not, I dont know how I would share the site aside from this URL https://caterpillar-sphere-3p7n.squarespace.com/config/
  3. Hello, I can't resize my logo. I uploaded a .png created on canva, and I can't make it larger than 135x in the site styles site editor section. It doesn't get larger than 135x, even when I typed in 225x, the logo size didn't change. Arrggh! I've always struggled at web design on platforms like here and Wix!
  4. Hello, How do I find out what the color code is for a color on SquareSpace. Im creating a logo in Canva, and they look for example "#18966C". In SquareSpace, the color im looking for the code for is hsl(175, 43%, 42%). Any input helps! Thanks!
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