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  1. I found a solution that works for the template we are using, which is Dovetail. Upload the latest jquery.js file to your site Reference it in your page’s Page Header Code Injection area found in Page Configuration > Page Settings > Advanced.<script src="/s/jqueryM-183.js"></script> Insert Calling code in a Code Block on the page you want to sway out the logo where: [code]<script>$('h1.logo').empty().html('<a href="%SOME LINK%"><img src="%SOME IMAGE%.jpg" alt="%SOME DESCRIPTION"></a>');</script> [/code] $('Object.Class') equals the object’s HTML you want to replace. In our case, there was an h1 class=logo tag which wrapped our logo's image and link, but it would work with any object that has a class= reference. Then it just becomes a matter of inserting the new HTML. If you read through the jQuery documentation, it’s important to use the .empty() function first so that some browers don’t get confused between the old and new objects. Hope others find this useful.
  2. I am wondering if it is possible, using CSS alone, to replace the logo image on one page of the site, with another image entirely. If not CSS, then I'm sure it can be done with java script or JQuery, but I'm new to both and not sure what the code would look like. If someone has an idea for either method, it would be appreciated. We are using the Dovetail template and our site is not yet available. Thanks,D
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