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  1. Hello! I have basic knowledge of web desing, started one month ago, but ive learnt enough HTML CSS and JavaScript to make my own code with the following function: 1.- There is a play button to reproduce 5 (or any number) tracks simultaneously or pause them simultaneously 2.- There is 5 (or any number equal to the number or tracks of step 1) range sliders controlling the volume, the result is an online mixer of a track divided in drums, guitars, bass, etc... or a soundscape track divided by bass, mids, treble... I just made a trial version on a free website (i dont know if i am allowed to post links but here it is): https://pitibo.000webhostapp.com/ You can see the code i wrote inspecting that link. I just wanna know if would be possible to implement that specific function of JavasScript on SquareSpace, thank you!
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