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  1. Ahhhh! Yes! I'd previously being using 2019-era code that worked great until it didn't. Came out here looking for the answer and @tuanphan was on the case, making life easy for everyone, as usual. THANK YOU!
  2. Helloooooo Beaver Hero!

    I'm looking for CSS for the following font style. Would greatly appreciate the assist. THANK YOU.

    • Heading 4
    • Poppins
    • Weight 300
    • Style Normal
    • Line Height 2em
    • Letter Spacing .35em
    • Text Transform None
    1. tuanphan



      I'm overloading.

      You can post on forum & tag me

      or send to my email. https://beaverhero.com/covid19

      I will check carefully at the end of day

    2. juliaprather


      Sure, no hurry, take all the time you need. Your fans really appreciate your knowledge and willingness to share!

  3. @tuanphan YOU ARE THE BEST. Your centering code totally worked and while it doesn't look GREAT, it's will certainly do for now. I've saved your URL for future offline dedicated assistance.
  4. @tuanphan you are amazing! I've spent quite a bit of time in this forum and have used MANY of your solutions for 7.0. THANK YOU. Do I understand your services are available for hire? I'm sure I'll have lots more questions while adapting to 7.1. Here's how the search form turned out. I shortened the height to 500px because it hides some unnecessary stuff at the bottom. If this is as good as it's gonna get, I'll take it and be happy... but is there any hope of getting rid of the gray? This would look better as a half page with something else beside it, but so far I haven't figured out how t
  5. Site URL: https://www.christysellstampa.com/search-mls Disclaimer: Total amateur at work I've inserted html IDX code into my site using a code block. The result should look like the first image attached here -- you should be able to see the entire search form with no scroll bar. No matter what I do, I can't get my site to show the whole search form. Instead, the site cuts off the search form and adds a scrollbar. Below is the code. Help, help! <iframe src="https://stellar.mlsmatrix.com/Matrix/public/IDX.aspx?idx=707e52cd" width="100%" height="100%" frameborder="0" marginwidth="
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