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  1. Done now @brandon, thank you. One last thing... is there a line or two I could insert to adjust the letter spacing and font weight?
  2. Hi @brandon Thank you so much for getting back to me... I completely misunderstood and this works perfectly now! Your help is much appreciated, thanks again. All best, Ben
  3. Hi @brandon Thank you for taking the time to help us all out with this work around! I've just tried using inserting the css code in the site wide custom css injection (first attachment) for a simple slideshow galleries in the the new Classon template and it doesn't appear to have worked... do you have any pointers? I've experimented with the Javascript and that works when injected into the page settings 'Advanced' custom code section (second attachement) but I need a bit more stylistic control over it. When I put the css code into that same 'Advanced' section it then just shows all the code at the top of the page. Please excuse my ignorance if I'm missing something obvious... coding is still very new to me! Basically, I just want to display the image descriptions under the simple slideshow images in a nice was justified to the left of each image. Any help would be HUGELY appreciated! Thank you in advance!
  4. Hi there, Can anyone help me with a code injection for wells gallery pages that can alter the appearance of the cursor when hovering over the left, right and top of the image in the gallery? Currently when hovering over those areas the cursor changes to either left or right arrows to advance to the next image or up to go to thumbnails but I'd like to alter the appearance of those arrows to a custom version for a clients portfolio. Is there a way of doing this in the custom css please?
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