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  1. As would I! Any experts can share some knowledge please?
  2. I agree. It's unbelievable that they do not have a precise size/ratio I should use to have it fully displayed in (my case) product page gallery slideshow. I spoke with SS customer service and apparently there is no exact dimension ratios that can be used and said the best she can do is point me towards the SS best practices for using images on the site. I tried my own troubleshooting but to no avail: - uploaded a solid color image to see the size ratio of the cropped image then reformatted my images to that exact size ratio but did not work -- Squarespace just zooms further within the reformatted image - reformatted images so that the areas that crop off show and it worked in desktop but mobile still crops further I'm still in disbelief that a simple expectation of being able to display my image file as I had intended it is something that Squarespace can't guarantee. Does anyone have a solution?
  3. Hi Paul, I am having a similar issue but with SS 7.1 - can you please share some advice? Here is the client's store: https://www.jujumeshop.com/shop/elixir I formatted all of my general shop and product page images to 1:1 with hopes that shaping it to the same size as the display would do the trick. Not true. Somehow SS still crops off the top 15% or so. Next, I tried your suggestion #1 and it worked for the most part on the desktop view but on mobile it still crops. Ideally, I can put in a CSS code that would force the full image to populate the frame for both desktop and mobile. Or, I can know the precise dimension ratio of the display frame and reformat all of my images to that exact ratio. What do you think? Thanks!
  4. I have a similar issue and it's driving me mad as well as I've contacted customer support as well as hired a Squarespace developer and yet to no avail. For my product pages, I created my images in 1:1 perfect square at 1500 px wide. The tops keep getting cropped off which I can't use. I contacted Squarespace customer chat support and they said there is no way precise image size or ratio that I can use to avoid cropping. They also shared a Squarespace best practices article that was of no help. The developer I hired also said something similar granted he may not know everything about everything. If anyone can help us it would be so much appreciated.
  5. I am customizing my customer notifications. I've customized the email header/footer with the footer having a button that says "Visit the shop". However, I don't want to have that footer to all my emails. For example, I don't want to have it on my Reset Password email as there is a "Reset Password" button in the middle of the email which makes the visit shop button redundant. What code can I put in the Reset Email so that the footer does not show up for just that one? I'm guessing it's a simple line of code turning off the footer but I have no clue what it would look like. Many thanks SS experts!
  6. I'm surprised there aren't more people interested in this question? Is everyone just going with the default "Complete Your Order" button? Would love for someone to fill us in. Thanks!
  7. Hello SS Power Users, Is it possible that when a user adds an item to their cart: a "Go to cart" button appears after the "Add to Cart" (AtC) button has been clicked? if not, a hyperlink is placed below the AtC button for easier navigation? I am using the Brine family (Foster Juice Co. template). Currently, the product page allows for either "Add to Cart" (AtC) button, or if Express Checkout is enabled, a "Purchase" button that brings the user directly to their cart. The AtC button when pressed is somewhat anticlimactic as it indicates the item was added to cart. The cart button is located in the upper right area however IMO adding something to cart then clicking on the cart in the top right is not as intuitive of a purchase process. Your help would be much appreciated! Thanks, Charles
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