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  1. Site URL: http://www.iggyrabinovich.com/ Hello, I'm using the Miller template. My index page is an automatic slideshow gallery, and each image has a fixed height. On desktop, the images look perfect, but they cut off strangely in mobile view. Is there any way to change the aspect ratio on mobile without changing the way it is on desktop, or is there a way for me to change how the images get cut off on mobile? Thanks!
  2. @tuanphan Thanks for your help! The navigation links work great. I'll figure something else out for the footer. Thank you!
  3. @tuanphan Thank you! Is there a way to add more space between the text and the line? I'd like the footer nav to be the first thing in the block - like this: Perfect, thanks!
  4. Site URL: https://www.everbreezepsych.com/home Hello! My site is using the Foster template. How can I make the main nav links underlined on hover and stay underlined when they're active? Is there any way to move the footer navigation block to the top block? I'd also like to change the color of the social link to #FFA666 at all times. Thanks!
  5. Hello, How can I get the header on the index (home) page to have a transparent background so the photos are layered behind the text, while maintaining the white background on the other four pages and the fixed position overall? I'm using the Miller template, and the site is http://iggyrabinovich.com/. Thanks!
  6. @tuanphan Thanks so much! That worked perfectly. How can I do the same for body text on pages other than the About page?
  7. Hi, I'm trying to change the color of a link, only on hover and when it's active. It currently works properly in my Nav, but I'd like everywhere else, specifically in body text and h2 (for example in the footer and the About page). Links should be black until you hover or they're active, when they should be #FFD801. I'm using the York template and my site is https://www.sarahrabinovich.com/. Thanks!
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