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  1. Site URL: http://www.templatemonsterpreview.com/demo/67167.html?_ga=2.225772120.356880088.1599610850-457769167.1599610850 Good Morning All, I have a client who's looking for a side panel similar to this: http://www.templatemonsterpreview.com/demo/67167.html?_ga=2.225772120.356880088.1599610850-457769167.1599610850 (Demo 3) I'm having some trouble. We're using Quincy, 7.1 I appreciate any and all asssitance!
  2. Good Mornng All - looking to create custom nav for Quincy. Having some trouble
  3. Hi @tuanpham, just seeing your response. Sure - https://www.trocaderomarket.com/market
  4. Hi Team, I am new to the circle and working on a site for a new client. Ecommerce site, using the Hyde Template. I want to change the main background to white for a single page so that the product images can blend a bit better; want to keep the header and footer the same color. I appreciate any information you can provide.
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