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  1. Site URL: https://musicstudiomarketing.com Hey everyone, I'm trying to forward musicstudiomarketing.com to another address. Like an idiot, I cancelled my Squarespace subscription and transferred my domain to GoDaddy to do the forward, only to realize that the site now kicks a security warning because I lost the Squarespace security certificate. I can't get an SSL through GoDaddy because I don't have an actual site outside of Squarespace. And now I have to wait 60 days before I can transfer the domain back to Squarespace. That said: Has anyone had any success editing DNS records so that a site that is live in Squarespace, but has a domain in GoDaddy, can be forwarded through Godaddy's forwarding tool? I have a forwarding rule in there, but it's not working. And if I change the CNAME away from the mandatory default Squarespace CNAME, it doesn't work either. Weird problem, I know.
  2. Recommendations on a Squarespace theme for this existing Wordpress site? London Piano Centre
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