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  1. Hi Paul, No... it appears I missed something! This is exactly what I was hoping (but didn't think possible)! I had assumed that the "out of the box" Brine product detail pages were not editable. I know a bit about coding, but confess, I only know enough to get me in trouble. Yes, I do want all the functionality of the standard detail page (and landing page), but want a few more design options as well, such as moving "additional details", dressed up markdown boxes, etc. If this is possible through code, I have a renewed enthusiasm and all ears! Any advice you can
  2. Thank you, Paul. The newly designed product detail page with product blocks, etc, is here: ****** Pwd: ***** The "stock" Brine shop page with properly styled buttons, etc, is here: ******** Pwd: ******
  3. Hi Squarespace experts: I've been building a site in the Brine template, but have never been totally happy with the product detail page, so have built a test page to try a different layout. In this test page I have stacked images in the left column and product block in the right, along with text fields, spacers, etc, to achieve the desired layout. It's working well, for the most part. My hope is to hide the product pages and use this custom pages as my detail page once a shopper clicks on a product from my shop page. However, an issue is: when I add a product block to this page,
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