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  1. Boom. Got it. You're a wizard! Thank you thank you thank you! Although, I can't believe something like this isn't built into squarespace at this point. give us more functionality!
  2. I just edited that last post a second ago...you're too quick! it's a lowercase "s"... the password is "CJ_site"
  3. Thanks so much for getting back to me! My site is not public yet, but you can go here: www.cavanjames.com and type the password "CJ_site" to view the work in progress. Let me know if you need to to be public in order to offer more advice!
  4. Hi everybody– I'm currently using the Jasper template with a cover page. The cover page is largely blank, but I have my full name linked to my index page so that when you click on it, it takes you to the homepage. My question is, how do I remove the underline text decoration on my hyperlinked name so that my name can be displayed normally, but still be clickable? Here's my current homepage: I've seen similar posts that give out custom CSS to accomplish something like this... but everything im reading suggests that some cover pages are actually immune to custom css coding, Jasper being one of those themes I believe. Is there any way around this or any simple fix that I'm missing? Thanks!
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