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  1. Colour of the text makes it somewhat hard to read for example "Elevated designs" the "e" in designs is not visible see the screenshot attached. Hope that helps ))
  2. The background image/video does take a while to load and when it does it is somewhat grainy at least on my browser, the earlier part of the video with the boat sailing away has the most issue with granularity further along the video is fine or at least less noticeable an issue.
  3. Nice design for a site and your interior designs are really great! I don't think the space is that noticeable, maybe you fixed it already?
  4. I don't think you need to worry too much about H1 and H2 tags the important thing is your page looks good from the user points of view.
  5. Interested to know why you are shifting over to Wordpress? Is it the range of plugins available? I've a personal blog using WP and find it good also.
  6. I used Invision for a few years, but I found that I needed to pay a moderator to hold back on the spam posts I got every day, after a while I starting picking up spammy links also seems that automated software targets this forum script, could be other scripts are the same, I only have experience with Invision. In the end I had to remove the forum area because the issue above became more trouble than the benefit I got from having a community section.
  7. I have always liked Prestashop, not sure what others think of that, but I do appreciate that Shopify seems to have a much larger and growing user base.
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