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  1. Hi there, Thank you so much for this! It only seems to work on my /home page, and not my initial cover page located at www.moderncourage.com Any thoughts? -Jessica
  2. Hi Tuanpan, It's happening on two pages, my initial cover (enter) page, as well as my /home page. I've included both screenshots and what they look like on mobile.
  3. Hi friends, I am also having difficulties with this, my banner image is not properly resizing for mobile. moderncourage.com Warm regards, Jess
  4. Hi there, Hoping someone has insight on the coding to change the title font style that is defaulted on image overlaps. I can't figure out where to change the font style in the Brine template. But I do have custom fonts uploaded, that I would rather work with.
  5. Hi there, I'm wanting my button font to be, 'California Script.'
  6. I'm attempting to set my site styles, and the page I'm working on is unpublished.... Does the screenshot not help?
  7. Hi there, Hoping someone has insight as to how I can change the font on my buttons for the styling of my site. I have updated the CSS for my h1, h2, h3 and body, but am hoping to have the button font match my h2. These are custom fonts that I have uploaded. I can't seem to locate how I talk about buttons in CSS.....
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