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  1. Site URL: https://magnolia-tulip-bkar.squarespace.com/ Hi brains trust! I'm building a website for a client, and occasionally, thin horizontal lines will appear across the page. They come and go when I resize the browser. I know this has something to do with my custom html implemented illustrations (the blue botanical ones) possibly mucking something up but I can't figure out a workaround. See screenshots from client. Could anyone help me find a quick solution to this finicky problem? https://magnolia-tulip-bkar.squarespace.com/ pw: demo Thanking you in advance.
  2. @tuanphan Thank you! Eep, I was aiming for the opposite effect, my apologies, I wasn't clear. It would be cool to have the text visible on hover.
  3. @tuanphan I changed the colour in your code and it's looking very similar now, thank you, I really like it. Is there a way to hide/reveal the text on rollover too?
  4. Hmm, I have done that. It nearly mimics the same effect, but not quite there yet.
  5. Thank you for your response. Yes, the banner image behind "Branding for you with strategy and style". Perhaps there is another way to do it? I don't mind changing things up to get the same look and effect.
  6. Eek! Try again? I thought I saved the new settings. I've just made sure of it.
  7. Ah! Bugger. I didn't realise that. Password is sabinajustyna1 Link to site again https://cheetah-lemon-wxxb.squarespace.com/ Thank you.
  8. Hi, I'm trying to create a rollover fade effect on my welcome header banner here https://cheetah-lemon-wxxb.squarespace.com/ The look I'm trying to recreate is just like this non-squarespace website http://harperandharley.com/, is there any way to achieve this look with custom css? I'm going for the same treatment on the text as well as the image. Any help is very much appreciated.
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