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  1. Site URL: https://roguesage.com/selected-writings I used a code (from @tuanphan who is always very helpful) in response to sararankin for my archive because I wanted to change the Read More copy. That part worked (changing the copy) but I got a long link now and the whole thing is off center. See attached. Any help from someone would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks for your time. All this is on 7.1
  2. Site URL: https://roguesage.com Hello All I left Brine and went with 7.1 (without knowing that I did that - lol) and while I've been able to get most the customizations dialed in, two allude me. On mobile, the hamburger nav blends in with my site name versus stands out. How can I bold that hamburger symbol for when its in mobile? On Brine, the always epic @tuanphan posted some code that more cleanly separated that "next blog" nav at the bottom of each post. Unfortunately, it does not work on this on 7.1. There are a lot of issues here. #1) the font size is huge (talking solely that bottom area that features previous posts) #2) Its way to wide and needs more space from the bottom. #3) Like Tuan had done with Brine, it needs a good amount of white space once I have two posts on the bottom. This screenshot demonstrates. Many thanks for your time. 🙂
  3. Heya @tuanphan I did this for my archive because that's where Im wanting to change the Read More copy. That part worked (changing the copy) but I got a long link now and the whole thing is off center. See attached. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Sorry for the delay, I never got notified I got a response. Very much appreciate your time and help :-)
  5. Greetings & Happy New Years 🙂 I have (5) blog categories and promote said archives in my blog sidebar area. Once a visitor arrives at said category/archive, the name is up top, which is fine. But I want to change the archive title font weight and color. I'm on a Brine theme and I know nada about coding. Here is an archive/category example: https://rebelbrandconsulting.com/blog/category/Branding+Yourself Many thanks! Bob
  6. Hey Tuan, where do I put that code? Many thanks for the help!
  7. Hey all! First, I'm not a coder. ☚ī¸ That said, the previous and next blog post cues are way too close together. Here is an example of what I'm talking about (the very bottom): A Blog Post I need to adjust right width of previous and the left width of next. I'm using the Brine template. I'm also uploading a screenshot. Basically, where the arrow is in the screenshot, I want a bunch more white space between the left and right bottom of the blog (previous and next) nav. Would greatly appreciate help on this! Bob
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