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  1. Wow that worked! Thanks so much! Could I trouble you to explain what it is that the CSS is doing?
  2. I know a bit of CSS, but most likely not enough to do what you're suggesting. Care to elaborate?
  3. I'm sorry but I don't really understand how to do the things you've suggested. Brand new Squarespace user here! Could you explain more?
  4. Website: www.momuofficial.com My poster image blocks turn out weird on a tablet. On the phone, it's okay because it stacks, but when it's on a tablet, it appears side-by-side and the text overruns the box (image attached). I tried using CSS to fix it—I tried to force it to appear on a tablet as it would on a phone but to no avail. Also, for the overlap image block which is just slightly less of an issue than the poster image block. On the tablet, the text too small. Any help is appreciated.
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