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  1. TuanPhan - Thanks so much. I really appreciate your kind ness. You're a good person and a genius at that!!! Adrian X
  2. Hey Tuanphan https://www.adrianfisk.com/latest Here you'll see all the blogs titles and the size of them is fine as Ive entered in this CSS h1.blog-title a { font-size: 45px; font-weight: 950 !important; However this is not changing the size of the blog titles once you click 'read more' and go into the actual blog like here for example - https://www.adrianfisk.com/latest/saatchiraveexhibition
  3. Hey Tuanphan as the resident genius of the SS forum what would you suggest I do to change the blog title size. AS you'll see from the code in the CSS I've been able to reduce the size of the blog title code once on the blog page. However as soon as I click and go into each individual blog I get the massive titles size again.
  4. Derrick hi, thanks for your advice. Where would I insert the arrow and how would I get it to be placed at the bottom of the frame?
  5. Hi - Because it would not align with the style of my site. It's too obvious and would be better suited to a shopping site or something similar. I've found the right thing, which is the white V at the bottom of the page. All I need to know is how to Make it bigger and thicker and ideally work on a mobile.
  6. Ive just seen that it's not appearing if you're using a mobile. It only seems to be working with a desktop.
  7. Thats very strange as you're showing a page that I don't have! My ACT is only on my landing page and not on the CONTACT page. What browser are you using? Can you see the small arrow in the example image I gave above. Here's another example image of the ruined house. Its a very small V bottom of the image in the centre?
  8. Its very small white V , at the bottom centre
  9. Hey Tuan In order to create an incentive to scroll down on my banner images Ive pasted #siteWrapper:after { content: "V"; position: absolute; top: 1230px; width: 100%; text-align: center; z-index: 50; display: block; color: white; } However as you'll see on my site www.adrianfisk.com the arrow is very small and hard to see. Is there a way to make the arrow larger? I did post the your code from above though didn't get a result. My mistake may have been that I posted all of the code. It seems quite long? As ever you help is much appreciated! Adrian
  10. Genius!! You nailed it. and if I wanted to marginally increase it on the mobile screen I'd enter this @media only screen and (max-width: 991px) { h3 { font-size: 12px !important; } }
  11. Ok so Ive entered this code. However the font size is not changing for FILM @media screen and (min-width:992px) { h4 { font-size: 100px; } }
  12. Thanks Tuanphan - However it hasnt changed the size of the Heading 1. If you see this example page here. I want the font 'FILM' To appear super large. That font is currently in Heading 1. Is there CSS to change this to something like I built in photoshop like the larger example
  13. So if I wanted to increase the font size for Heading 1 in only the desktop it would be similar to this though I'd change h3 to h1 and id change @media to what? @desktop? Would it be possible to dramatically change the font size in Heading 1 to something massive? As you'll see in my site www.adrianfisk.com I've only achieved huge font through overlaying onto the image in photoshop and then uploading onto my SS site. However this then means the mobile cannot fit the word in and it looks poor.
  14. Site URL: http://www.adrianfisk.com Hi - How can I dramatically increase the size of the Heading 1 font? I want a large font that goes right across the page when viewed in desktop. Obviously the CSS may need to be different for mobiles otherwise it wont fit on the screen. As you'll see from my site I currently have created large 200 pix font in Photoshop and overlayed onto the image and then uploaded that to SS. The issue with this is that it looks ok on desktop though looks poor on a mobile and the font is so large you only see 2 letters! Is there a way to change font size of headert 1 seperately for desktop and mobile? Any help much appreciated!
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