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  1. sure https://farhad.squarespace.com/ pass : 123 --- Aside from Phone view issue, I was wondering if there is any way to make an image shake, like the one here on this website : https://www.scs.stanford.edu/~dm/ thank you in advance tuanphan you are truly amazing and an inspiration ❤️ I like your banner 🙂 those kids remind me of myself when an issue is solved
  2. Hello guys, I was able to hide my Header on desktop view with this CSS successfully, but phone view is still has a header, Do I need a different code to talk to phone view? I use the Sofia template. .Header { display: none !important; } Your guidelines is appreciated ❤️
  3. Thanks to amazing wizard Tuan Phan ( @tuanphan ) this issue was solved. Solution: Try adding to Home > Design > Custom CSS .subnav .collection a { direction: rtl !important; unicode-bidi: bidi-override !important;}
  4. hey guys, I have to make the drop-down choices start from right to left (instead of left to right). I could not find a way to solve it, since our site is mainly in Farsi, this is a big problem for me, can you help me out? I have tried to implement a css custome code with the body Id but it hasnt worked yet. @media screen { div#collection-5dc838d259401f781780b3b6 * { text-align: right !important; } } my site Best regards, farhad
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