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  1. Hi George, After a bit more playing with this, your code does all work! But it only works if I use HTML blocks, rather than say text blocks that I then select with H2. As your code does work, any easy way to blanket the entire site or each page with the font, or do I have use to use HTML blocks for everything?
  2. Hi George, Thanks indeed for the help here, I think we're getting close. Interesting behaviour from your help! If I add a HTML block with the code above - it finally displays!! But adding the h2 code in the custom CSS doesn't make Segoe appear for H2 headers still. Happy to use div styles per page if thats whats needed (have about 8 pages in total on my site) - would you mind letting me know the code? Thank you sincerely once again for the assist!
  3. Hi Alex - thanks once again for the fantastic help. Unfortunately it still refuses to use Segoe on my site, continues to use Arial. I have entered the code in the order you mentioned above, all in the custom CSS section. Should it be important, the template in use is Peak. Is there anything else I could try?
  4. Hi Alex, Thank you so much for the kind help. I have entered the first code in the CSS section, and the second code in both the header section (under code injection) so it spans across the entire site. For good measure, I also added it to the header of each page too (under page settings). Unfortunately the Segoe UI font still doesnt display. I have no doubt it is user error on my part, is there anything else I could do? Thank you kindly once again for the assist!
  5. Hi all,I have searched everywhere and tried for hours to get a custom font working on my Squarespace site, but Im obviously not smart enough :-) Hoping you kind people might be able to point me in the right direction. I simply wish to use Segoe UI throughout my site which is not a Google Font. In the custom CSS section I have uploaded the font in an attempt to embed it in my site for it gets displayed for users that may not have this font installed. The code within CSS I am using is below; but its either not right (as its not working) or I need add further code elsewhere. Sincere thanks for
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