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  1. What are you thoughts about having no theme change option, Paul? You thing developers are getting shut out or they'll provide some other way?
  2. Developer mode has been removed in 7.1. Can you provide any screenshot of that tab if possible? I don't have 7.1 and haven't seen that tab in any video review either. Cheers
  3. Hi, So, I was looking in to jumping on to Squarespace development (freelance basis) but I've read about version 7.1 that it would end template support and so basically no third party templates could be uploaded too. So is Squarespace completely cutting of the developers so we have some hope yet? I'm quite confused about it.
  4. I am just starting squarespace theme development. I see tags in its file like {squarespace.page-id} {squarespace.page-classes} {title} etc I know what they are and what they do but I can't seem to find any documentation where like these tags are listed that we can use ? Can anyone help with that? Thanks!
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