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  1. Try writing a little more information on the Title and reduce the text on the description so it isn't too long. Did you try adding a social media image? Hope this helps!
  2. I have the same issue, I'm trying to get rid of the CART page for SEO purposes. I contacted someone using the chat, she said it was something Squarespace business accounts have. I wasn't satisfied with the answer, hoping someone here can guide me.
  3. On my squarepace website, how can I display an external website on one of my pages? My site is for my business. I offer gift cards for my services from another vendor. I have a link to my gift card site/page. I want a page on my site that can display the gift card page.. I want to be able to use the URL builder to link this new page so I can track a marketing effort. How do I display https://"what ever my gift card website page.com" inside of my squarespace site on a squarespace page? Thank you!
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