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About Me

Hey, I’m Jessica!

I'm a marketing consultant, web designer & social media strategist living in the desert. After experiencing the corporate world, operating as a communication & creative arts director for a large non-profit organization and opening my own successful online business, I have taken my 15+ years of marketing & business experience to launch JMC. Having worn many hats in large and small organizations and navigated my own small business growth, I’m passionate about leveraging those skills to help creatives, doers and dreamers strategically take their businesses to the next level. My creative eye, love for visual design and endless desire to brainstorm & see dreams realized, is what fuels me as I work with my clients. Ultimately, I love all things visually stunning and I want to create that for my clients! I also know how important it is to know who your client base is, how to market to them and all the other things you as a business owner need but shouldn't have to stress about. My desire is to be a partner with my clients to create a brand that they'll love AND will drive the ideal client to them, all with an ease that will allow them to focus on what they are gifted at.

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