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  1. hi, i'm assuming this is a rather easy question but drawing a blank on exact way to code this. Through site styles i edited H3 heading to be uppercase. There is 1 text block on another page where i would like to either block the upper case formatting or change it to capitalization. this is the text block #block-yui_3_17_2_1_1548865442284_10885 also on this page i already have code running for a form, do i just skip a few lines and add the code? specific url i want to stop the formatting: https://e-kytex.com/contact
  2. to my knowledge i had it working for the past 6 months without it EDIT: seems i deleted jquery code from site injection by mistake
  3. <ul class="accordion"> <a class= "toggle" href= "javascript:void (0);"><h3>Aalborg Industries</h3></a> <ul class= "inner"> <li>KBO-R40M <li>MISSION OC 3000/2400 KG/H <li>MISSIONTM OC <li>OID 01 A <li>AQ – 16 <li>RMS9 <li>AQ-12 <li>And any other Aalborg industry models you might need.</li> </ul> <a class= "toggle" href= "javascript:void (0);"><h3>alfa laval </h3></a> <ul class= "inner"> <li>P605 <li>SA836 <li>X-280-D-40/4-A06 <li>SA825 <li>JWP-26-C100 <li>JWP-26-C80B <li>PU150 <li>APV K34 <li>MOPX306TGT-24-60 <li>UBK-1 <li>SA861 <li>FCM 1300 SS <li>ALP-0055-BBD100/112 <li>And any other Alfa Laval models you might need.</li> </ul> this is the code that has shown no problems for past 5 months or so, until earlier today. besides that i have a code for custom form in my contacts page but no effect on my accordion if i remove it. so that leads me to believe that is not it. beside that i have no idea. just went through everything that is the only code i still have
  4. the code is insierted inside 3 code block on the page. i just made a new page called test, to see if this was a site wide problem or just on the page. problem is site wide. currently going through every code/plug in i may have inserted. so far no luck.
  5. hi there, I have been editing this site over last week, and figuring things out as i go along. Today when i'm finally happy with the bare bones of the site and was planning to start adding and editing content i realize my accordion menu code blocks are to working. site: https://e-kytex.com/items code originally used: https://codepen.io/brenden/pen/Kwbpyj i have had zero problems with these working until now, and i am honestly stumped as to what exactly is interfering.
  6. i had this problem found a workaround to it. go to manage sections, delete the banner section. Now upload same picture as a regular picture block and move picture block to top. it won't zoom in or stretch if done like that.
  7. http://cssdeck.com/labs/hexagon-shaped-button-with-single-element i'd like to convert the buttons to same type as coded here. buttons using this color for outline and text: #2e306c
  8. anyone have any clue on how i could do this?
  9. forgot to update this, i ended up just splitting the code between 3 side by side blocks. not ideal solution but a solution nonetheless
  10. precisely, i'd like to change those to buttons as shown on link i posted in first page
  11. Hi i am currently trying to figure out a way to replace the navigation buttons on the header. I am currently contemplating 2 possibilities. least extensive option: target the navigation buttons on all pages with custom code to change em. Ideally i'd like to use this code http://cssdeck.com/labs/hexagon-shaped-button-with-single-element to switch up the navigation buttons to this style in one of the colors currently on my color palette for this site. or the less ideal more extensive version: unlink pages thereby removing buttons from header. Create a sidebar using the various tutorials out there, and add buttons as a hyperlinked image. or if possible actually coded buttons unto the sidebar. I am currently using the custom template in the brine family.
  12. hello everyone, i am trying to figure out the following. I currently have a list of brands with dropdown models. Instead of one long column i'd like to do 2 or maybe 3 columns side by side. is there any way to do this in just one box? or am i going to have to add 3 boxes side by side? this is current code <ul class="accordion"> <a class= "toggle" href= "javascript:void (0);"><h3>Aalborg Industries</h3></a> <ul class= "inner"> <li>KBO-R40M <li>MISSION OC 3000/2400 KG/H <li>MISSIONTM OC <li>OID 01 A <li>AQ – 16 <li>RMS9 <li>AQ-12 <li>And any other Aalborg industry models you might need.</li> </ul> from here on it repeats with different brand and models. how can i get this done?
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