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  1. Hey @RaeRae, unfortunately, we went with a player from a third party: Elfsight Apps. It's working great! Agreed, it's a bummer that @SQUARESPACE doesn't seem to be working on this for a large portion of the music community.
  2. Hi Tuan, Thanks for the reply! I can send you a message to take a look, but we're not sharing the link publicly yet. Will that work?
  3. Hi everyone, I've used a code plugin from Vox Pop which has allowed me to create full-width sliders and images on my Pacific site that I'm building. Does anyone know how to remove the extra bar of white that's below the image, and also to remove the extra white space in mobile view (this seems unrelated). I've tried everything that I can think of... Example attached. Cheers and thanks!
  4. Hi, Lu - unfortunately, I need something that utilizes the playlist functionality and not just the single track function. Thanks.
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