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  1. this is exactly the fix that i was looking for. thank you SO much!
  2. of course. should have included that originally... always helps to see the problem! https://www.resiliencetherapysanfrancisco.com/blog https://www.resiliencetherapysanfrancisco.com/blog/10-ways-to-increase-your-resilience thanks!
  3. I am working with Mojave which is in the Brine family. I am looking to add code that add side padding to the blog page without adding padding to the entire site. (I feel like this could also be achieved by a 90% width on a div tag, but I've no idea where/how to achieve that either. I need to do this for both the blog landing page and for individual posts and don't know if this requires two separate fixes. The design styles do not have options to achieve this. I've also searched this forum, but the solutions that have been outlined have produced no results. Thanks for any help an
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