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  1. Same issue. I'm really giving up on Squarespace
  2. The problem seems to be you use a 'portfolio page' for an 'about page'. It's better to start a new page and use the 'about template' or just a blank one and choose your own layout.
  3. I have stopped working with portfolio for several reasons: - As you say, it's either live or delete. No ability to hide the item. - There is a limit of max 40 items. (I discovered that the hard way after importing 40 cases, after that you will be stuck and you are forced to delete a portfolio item if you want to add a new) - Changing item order only works if you move it up 1 spot at the time. If you try two, all other items will rearrange
  4. Bummer of the day. After working days to create a new portfolio I got this pop-up. There is a limit on portfolio items! Why? The only solution I now have is to rebuild every item as a page and not as a portfolio item. Back to start.
  5. Thanks for your reply! I have decided to go for a different option.
  6. Site URL: https://stillebliksem.squarespace.com Hi, i would like to disable to click through in this portfolio section. I do want to keep to hover effect that displays the pictures. When i add a 'no pointer event' ass custom code the click through is disabled but the hover effect is gone. I used this portfolio as a client list. There is no need on this page for a click through as I am building a complete portfolio on a different page. Any help is appreciated!
  7. Hi all, I created a custom H4 in a markdown block. But it's not responsive on mobile. Can anyone help me adjusted the custom css?
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