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  1. Yes vertical centre, how would I do this? Thank yo for all your help, much appreciated
  2. Thanks @tuanphan!! Is there a way to have it sit in the centre of the image and watermarked so you can see through the image, just like the example I attached?
  3. Don't have a link to the image, but have link to the site section and you can hover and see: https://www.franklyinteriordesign.com.au/projects
  4. Screengrab below. want to move 'sign up for...' closer to the line
  5. Hello, Using Foster template and wanting to delete the footer middle block as too much padding. Anyone had any luck with this? Website still work in progress: https://www.franklyinteriordesign.com.au/ Thanks
  6. Hello, Does anyone know how to style text that appears when hover over an image? Using foster template and all I can get is a black strip at the base of the image. Ideally like a white box that sits centred (image attached) with the project name in the box. Website still a work in progress, link here: https://www.franklyinteriordesign.com.au/ Thanks!
  7. Hello, I am having trouble with my logo size on mobile, it is tiny! Any help is greatly appreciated. Website is still a work in progress, link here https://www.franklyinteriordesign.com.au/ Thanks
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