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  1. In 7.0, we had the index page option, and each page had its own URL, so we could attach that link to a button that would take them to that section of the page. In 7.1, we don't have the index page option. I'm trying to have multiple "apply" buttons on my page with them all pointing to a section on that page where the full form is located. I'm trying to avoid 1) having to create multiple forms that ask the same questions, 2) paying for a 3rd party program like Paperform/Jotform, 3) having to set up zaps for multiple forms because SS doesn't allow us to duplicate forms (can't for the life of me understand why). Thoughts?
  2. @paul2009 are you saying I need an additional plug-in/tool for this?
  3. @tuanphan Thank you! So if I have a page with two sections, and I want the top section to be visible immediately, and I want the second section to show up in 3 seconds, I'd add this code where exactly? Page Settings > Advanced ? Page Code Injection? A
  4. @tuanphan I've seen you answer something similar. Wondering if you have any insight here... Thanks! Aisha
  5. LeadPages and Samcart have an option where you can make the next section of your webpage show up after X number of minutes. This is helpful if say someone has a video on a page, and at the 8th minute of the video, they want the remaining sections on the page to be visible (like a sales page). Does anyone know if this can be done in Squarespace? I image some modified coding on the parallax setting might achieve this, but I'm hardly savvy enough to know. Anybody know?
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