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  1. AxuRichi, could you jump onto my site below and see if the interface that I have setup is what you’re looking for? Nav to the bottom of that page and click the “download tool” button. If so, chat with me there and I can get you setup https://www.indianlakeconsulting.com/microsoftexcel
  2. So as I follow-up, I discovered that the file name cannot have spaces. I encountered the same ”Failed -File not found” error but eliminated the spaces in the name of my find with underscores across the board where the file name is used and it should clear up the issue!
  3. So, I had to manually upload the file through another SquareSpace file upload protocol (Make sure the names are exactly the same) to get the file to, what I assume, is my instance of a SquareSpace file library for the code to pull from. If you still have issues, let me know and I can upload some screenshots as to how I do it. Try grabbing a file from one of my pages (https://www.indianlakeconsulting.com/projectquotingtooldownload) to see if this is how you would like the form or button to behave. Thanks!
  4. Perp's anwer was perfect. I added it to the post-submission html section, renamed my file and it worked perfect. To get the file uploaded, all you need to do is act like your going to add a URL to text, upload the file that way, cancel out of the url add and your file name should show up just as you named it when you click the button to download. I recommend trying it out as a test visitor on your site after you publish or enable to page to make sure it works. Thanks Perp!
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