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  1. Hey TuanPhan, Thank you, that's working perfectly! I'm not sure if you'll be able to answer this, but, the images are stretching too much and coming out blurry via your method. But when uploaded via SquareSpace editor it is coming out high quality. Any advice? Kind regards, Ben
  2. Hey TuanPhan, thank you for your response. I placed the code in the page header injection, however, it did not have any effect. It just made the code appear at the top of the page. Any advice? Thank you!
  3. Hey Squarespace community, I'm trying to change individual page backgrounds on the Aubrey template. I've had a look around previous posts but i can't find anything specific to this template. I have all of my collection body ID's for each page and uploaded my images to an external image host with direct image links provided. Currently i am trying these code variations in the header injection of each page, however, they are not having an effect: Take 1 body#collection-5d98bbe5b268dc547a8fb81c { background-position: center top !important; background-image: url("//IMAGE URL"); } Take 2 body#collection-5d98bbe5b268dc547a8fb81c { background-position: center top !important; background-repeat: no-repeat; background-image: url("//IMAGE URL"); background-size: contain; } Take 3 #collection-5d98bbe5b268dc547a8fb81c .Main { background-image: url("IMAGE URL")!important; background-position: center center; background-size: cover; background-attachment: fixed; background-repeat: repeat; } Can anyone help? Thank you!
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