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  1. Hi Paul, you really made my day. This works like a charme. Thank you so much! Before I couldn't display prices on the Product List Page without running the danger of getting sued. Oh this is gold :) Do you have a patreon or something? Thanks again and have a great evening! Sascha
  2. Anybody any more ideas? I would really appreciate it 🤓
  3. Hi Paul, the "per 100g" note only needs to be added to the products "Matcha N°1" and "Matcha N°2". In Germany it is required for products that are not exactly 100g/1kg/1 litre and so on to add a "per 100g or per 1 litre" price quote. Both Matcha products are 30g that is why I need to give the so called base price for them. All other products don't need it. Thank you for looking into this and let me know if you need any more details. Sascha
  4. As it is the Shop page I can't seem to duplicate it but I enabled the prices for now. Maybe this already helps?
  5. Site URL: https://www.sho-cha.com/ Hey I need help adding details to a product price on my SHOP page (the product overview with the thumbnails). I am required by law to add a base price to some of my products right under the price itself, as they are sold in 30g packages. I managed to add the text to both products in the product details page but it won't show on the shop page: #item-5d22561c1407cc00019e2da1 span.sqs-money-native:after { content: "(Grundpreis 33.33€/100g)"; display: block; margin-top: 7px; font-style: italic; font-size: 12px
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