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  1. Thanks Justin, that has helped and I think it would have worked had the section not had the wavy border! I've attached a pic. Am I going to have to get rid of the wavy border you think?
  2. Hi, I want to move the bottom of this iphone image so it goes up flush to the wavy border seperating the sections.. so it appears to be popping out. website is - https://quillfish-oboe-wkes.squarespace.com/ (password is "kidscases") Thanks
  3. Thanks this works but I've now added another page and it's squished up against the other menu item now. Please can i increase the spacing here too?
  4. Hi I want to increase the spacing between the two items in my mobile menu - alwaysajt.com People aren't realising that 'When and where" is a link as it's so close to the RSVP button Thanks
  5. Thank you. I've added the extra pic on the homepage for mobile. So the 2nd image is for mobile. its alwaysajt.com
  6. Great thanks. Please can you share the code? That would be so helpeful Thanks
  7. Hi, I want to have a different image on mobile as the space between the content on the homepage banner and the menu on mobile is too large (alwaysajt.com) I'm happy with how it looks on desktop. Thanks Jessica
  8. Thanks. Do you know he code? Would I add two images on desktop and then add CSS?
  9. Thanks Tuanphan this has worked, however it has created a large space between my header and content. Although when I look at it in mobile editing mode the spacing looks fine!
  10. HI Creedon, I am trying to remove my footer on just my homepage (alwaysajt.com) - this has worked, thank you. HOWEVER when looking on mobile (on my actual device and not just in mobile mode when editing) there;s a big gap at the bottom where the footer used to be. Please help! Thanks
  11. Hi, this code isn't working on my homepage on alwaysajt.com .. the footer is still there
  12. Hi, thanks this has worked but it's also removed my header. When I edit the code to remove the header bit it also removes the footer!!
  13. Hi Tupan, this worked for me on my homepage at alwaysajt.com (I just wanted to remove the footer so edited the code) however when looking at the page in mobile theres a big gap at the bottom. Please help! Thanks, Jessica
  14. This actually creates a large gap on the homepage
  15. Hi, my site is alwaysajt.com. I used CSS to remove the footer on the homepage and now I'm left with a bit of a strange gap at the bottom on mobile. The code I used was the one below and I put it into a code block on the homepage <style> .header, #footer-sections{ display:none !important; } </style> Thanks
  16. PERFECTO!! thanks so much Ziggy, you're a star 🙂
  17. It has thank you... have a look. But they're too high and too close together or something?? When I edit the percentage in the CSS it doesn't seem to do anything? Would also be great to lose the underline on the link!
  18. Hi, The headings (welcome drinks, ceremony etc) on this page https://www.alwaysajt.com/when-where are too big when looking on mobile. I want them to be H2 rather than H1 on mobile only. Is there a way to do this? I basically want the mobile site to look the same as the desktop. Thanks
  19. Oh Sorry I thought they include it... it's alwaysajt.com
  20. Hi How do I change my mobile menu so that the RSVP button doesn't have a huge gap between it and the menu navigation link
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