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  1. Thanks Paul - appreciate the heads up. Is there additional code I could include that would hide them from searches as well?
  2. Hi there, I will message you - the site is currently in development and password protected.
  3. Is it possible to customize an order notification email for subscription products only? I am interested in including a specific welcome message as well as discount code for subscribers only. I know there is different verbiage for service vs physical vs digital products, but would like to go further and add custom messaging if the product is a subscription. I am new to squarespace and css, so appreciate any help. Thanks!
  4. Hi there, I have a Products page with multiple items listed. I would like to hide 2 items from the Products page and only have visible/available through a Product block on a different page. If I make the products hidden on my Shop page, they are no longer available on the Product Block. Is this possible, to keep a product "published" but not visible on my main Products page? Alternatively, if the above isn't possible - is there a way to remove the price visibility for those 2 specific items? On the Products page with thumbnails, as well as on the Product page itself? I would like to keep other items listed with pricing. Thanks for the help!
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