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  1. Site URL: https://www.museumofplayandart.com.au/ Hi guys, can someone please help me with a simple CSS query? Thank you so much, in advance!! What I'd like to do is 'flick' between multiple images for a background, using squarespace 7.1. Currently, it's limited to a single image or video for the background. Right now, I have a video creating the effect I want, but the resolution is terrible and there isn't a resolve to this issue using squarespace - yet. Trust me, I've been to the bottom of that well, looking for a solution and squarespace themselves have chimed in to advise there
  2. Hi guys, our site (https://www.museumofplayandart.com.au/) is built on the Naomi Template (A member of the Pacific Family). I'd like to remove the opaque black overlay being applied to the banner image. I've searched the forums, tried all the code listed in various posts relating to similar matters, all to no avail. Is there code I can inject in Advanced to overide this overlay? Thank you so much in advance. Regards, Tom
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