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  1. Hi @tuanphan Is there a way to increase the font size within the markdown box? ie, p2?
  2. Thank you! I've inputted the code so hopefully it works!
  3. Site URL: https://www.honey-studio.com/ Hey guys! I'm having a similar issue - I have created an online yoga/pilates portal for a client but the order confirmation message that is displayed on-screen after purchase doesn't include a link to log into the portal (I'm using members area) and I cannot find this page on the back end to edit it. I have attached a screen shot of the current confirmation message that is displayed. I need to add a 'log into your account' button that links to the following page https://www.honey-studio.com/log-in-page If anyone needs to push a test membership through to see what I mean, please use the code 'HONEYIMHOME' for 100% discount. Any tips? Thank you in advance! Gemma
  4. Hi Asiya, I'm having the same issue and can't figure out how to solve this one! No matter what CSS I write in I can't get the font color to change. Could you tell me how you fixed this?
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