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  1. I ended up styling my button myself - but still curious, doesn't squarespace come with any ready-made styles for commin UI elements like buttons and forms? Also made a cta.block what I would like to be able to use and place through the web editor (CMS) - is that possible? I can't seem find any documentation on how to use custom template blocks through the CMS.
  2. Im trying to do some javascript operations on a customType text input. I've got customContent.services like so: service_1:https://link_to_service.one|service_2:https://link_to_service.two I've writtena small js function to split this string and create an array of javascript objects like so: [ { service: service_1, link: https://link_to_service.two }, { service: service_2, link: https://link_to_service.two } ] Now I would like to take this array and render it using json-t (or any other simple method). Problem is, I can't seem to add this to the current context {@} t
  3. Hey, I'm looking to add a CTA-button at the bottom of my collection.item page, but I can't seem to find any information about which button or button-like ready-made classes i can use. I tried inspecting a squarespace site and grabbing a class for styling a link as a button without any success. How can I create a styled button in within my collection.item and where can I find proper documentation for alla available CSS classes?
  4. Im looking for a way of adding an instruction to the CMS for custom types. I see that some of the standard inputs already got these - whats the name of the key i should use? For instance the code below produces a text input with a label 'Project name'. I would like to also display a note or instruction below the text field in the CMS giving some additional instrcutions, like 'The project name can be no longer than 30 characters'. "customTypes" : [ { "title" : "Project", "name" : "project", "base" : "text", "fields" : [ { "name": "name",
  5. Alright, apparently you need to Save and publish for .list to show properly, just doing Save is insufficient. Don't worry, this won't publish the whole site. Also this is fairly obscure in the documentation, and unclear why multiple save options are needed.
  6. Hey, I'm trying to make a custom collection for displaying customTypes as a way to make it easier for us to update and maintain our portfolio. I'm having issues displaying the collection of items from portfolio.list. When visiting the collection (not the individual posts) it just returns 'No project in portfolio', indicating that items arenot found in {.repeated section items}. Very thankful for any insight into what i'm missing here... The items/posts works as expected. here's a simplified code example of what I have: collections/portfolio.list {.repeated section
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