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  1. Thank You! What a pity.. such a beautiful space.
  2. chriscollinge


    Site URL: https://www.supercoffeefood.com Hello, I need to integrate RedSys into my website as a payment option. RedSys says, with a few lines of code it can be integrated. Is that even possible on Squarespace? Thank You! Christiane
  3. Hello Paul, do you have any idea if this can be solved through coding, plugins or any other options? We are selling take away food online and I guess more and more people will need these specifications as well. I am trying to integrate our courier service at the moment, so they come and pick it up automatically, but they also charge per zone. Thank You Christiane
  4. I am trying to do the same, but I need the shipping zones based on my city, not only my country. I cannot see anywhere an option for that. So for example, Radius of 3km: 1€, Radius of 10km, 2€ and so on. I need to block as well areas. I cannot ship outside of the city centre. (I am selling food). I cannot find anywhere an option for this.
  5. Hello, I would like to turn my online shop on from Monday - Friday 8-18h and off for the rest of the time. An announcement bar is visible on all of the pages, not only the shop page. Is there a way to do this? Brine Template Thanks! Chris Collinge
  6. I am also interested in this! My site is: https://www.supercoffeefood.com/shopfood
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