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  1. @colin.irwin wondering if you can help me out with my question above, thanks!
  2. Hi there! I'm looking to add this to my page as well. The custom CSS doesn't seem to be working for me. Are there any modifications I need to make to the code for it to work for my website's products? Thank you!
  3. @Omari I think what I'll do is split the phone consultation into two separate products. This is a strange client who refuses to use a booking tool, haha. So I think I'll go with that work-around. Appreciate your help so much!
  4. @Omari, thanks so much, this tool looks super helpful! Curious, do you have any advice for being able to build automations based on a specific variety of the product? I have a product, Phone Consultation, with 2 options, 15 minutes and 30 minutes. Depending on whether or not the customer purchases a 15- or 30- minute consultation, my client would like to send a specific discount code for future purchases. Do you know if there is a way to build an automation based on a specific product variation? Seems like I can choose a generic product but not a specific variation. Thanks so much fo
  5. I don't have any answers here but I am letting you know that I'm researching the same question for a client, except I am looking to send out a custom discount code depending on the product purchased. Hoping someone has a solution!
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