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  1. @christyprice That's working perfectly. Thankyou for your help!
  2. @christyprice Awesome that worked thankyou! Do you know how I can change the button text and outline to black as well?
  3. Just for the two image card blocks on the project order page. Not sure which block id to target, I tried the attached but it didn't change anything
  4. @christyprice Thanks, forgot I put a password on the site! Edited my question with details.
  5. Site URL: https://perch-radish-hctx.squarespace.com/project-orders I am trying to change the colour of the text in some image card blocks but I'm not sure what I need to target Website URL: https://perch-radish-hctx.squarespace.com/project-orders Password: webtest Trying to change the text in the image card block at the top "We're here to help" and image card block "Genuine SGP toughened..."
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