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  1. Hi Tuan, Here is the link to my blog items, thanks for asking! https://www.alvinpak.com/blog-articles
  2. How can I edit/style/remove "Quick View" for my blog items? I prefer to keep it for my "Products" page, but I'm willing to just remove it entirely. Also, after I click "Quick View", the light-box pops up and I'm not able to edit the excerpt font, and my thumbnail image gets cropped horizontally so I don't want to go through the extra work to make several different thumbnail sizes...
  3. This method worked for me, I've wasted the past 3 hours trying to convert my SVGs into font families and found out SquareSpace doesn't allow users to upload .svgs If you're looking to use custom .svg icons made from illustrator (after image tracing), just right click your .svg file and "open with >" the notepad. After that, just simply copy and paste the entire <svg> text from the notepad and paste it into a code block or markdown block. The <svg> text allows you to control the width and height of the svg image itself.
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