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  1. I'm selling services through my site; https://geodata.works I'm struggling w/ the best way to list those services that don't really have an image to display, specifically for the Products Page. I had created a stand-in image for each product but it was looking pretty bad in the Products Page. When I deleted the main product image it was still using the thumbnail (in the >Product>Options screen) and blowing the image up to a horribly pixelated size. My less-than-ideal work around has been to create a separate 'Store' page where I have more control and added items as Product bl
  2. 72 hours is a painfully long time for a transitioning site to be in limbo; https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/360028492471
  3. I had been eagerly anticipating my domain transfer from previous host and WordPress setup. It had finally made some progress and now I have security issues b/c of an invalid certificate. Any ideas what I missed? Screenshots attached are the messages from different browsers. The site is https://geodata.works
  4. I'm transferring my site, along w/ the management of my domain, to Squarespace. Am I reading this right, Squarespace charges almost 2x as much as others for TLDs like '.works' or '.xyz'?
  5. Thank you. It wasn't doing anything for the first few images I was moving it for b/c (I think) they were not large enough to move the image w/in the defined dimensions.
  6. This must be a simple thing I'm not grasping, but can anyone tell me what the circle/bullseye does when in the background image selector? You can move it around but I don't see that it changes anything. See screenshot.
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