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  1. Site URL: http://www.helpinghand.as Hi! The instagram module is not showing the two latest post from my instagram account. I have deleted the old module and set up a new one with the same results. What is going on here? Regards.
  2. Thanks for your replay, but its doesnt really help. I have cheked other squarespace sites that use video and they all have the same issue with slow loading times. I did a quick test with a 720p video that was less than 1mb (765kb) and it still takes 4-5 seconds before it loads. If i use a image as a background it loads straight away even if they are larger in size. So the problem is on the embedding part. For some this might not be a big deal, but for me it makes my site looks slow and unresponsive.
  3. I have a huge problem with how video is used in the background on websites, and that is how long takes to load and show the video. No matter if you are on a super fast connection it still takes 5+ seconds to show the embedded video for first time users, and at that time most users have left the website. It also doesnt matter if you have a small looped clip witch should take a second to download in the browser because of the embed time. On mobile it fails to load, even if it was working fine a couple of weeks ago. Right now the background video option is unusable because of this. Why cant users embed video from a server themselves instead of using vimeo/youtube? I am envy of the speed video backgrounds take on platforms like wp, webflow etc. Why is squarespace lagging behind on this, do you want us to switch platform? Is there a workaround trick for this? I have searched all over but still no luck .
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