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  1. Hi - sorry all I am very not techy but want to add a payment function to my website. Square space has limited options (PayPal, Stripe etc), but I want to ideally use the one from my own card provider - we are a physical store. The supplier is Natwest Tyl. They have said that it is compatible with: Supported Shop Systems AceShop CCV Shop commerce:SEO CRE loaded CS-Cart Drupal Commerce Ecwid Gambio JTL LemonStand Magento Magento 2 Mijoshop modified-shop Odoo OpenCart osCommerce 2.x OXID eSales Plentymarkets PrestaShop SEO:Mercari Shopify Shopware 5 Shopware 6 ShopPro Ubercart 2.x Ubercart 3.x WordPress E-Commerce WordPress Event Espresso WordPress JigoShop WordPress WooCommerce X-Cart XoniC xt:Commerce v 3.x xt:Commerce 4, 5 und 6 Zen Cart I contacted Squarespace and they said I would need to code the website myself for this. But that sounds scary and I don't know how to do it. Can anyone help. It is just for deposits anyway, so would be a hidden page with just the cart on that we would send the link to. Thanks in advance 🙂
  2. Hello lovely people, I'm not very techy so apols if this is a stupid question. On the main navigation on my website (for example the bit in the top right that would say - about us, meet the team, treatments, contact etc) I am using links as the pages don't automatically appear on the navigation. This is fine but I have terrible SEO on google with this site and wonder if this could be a reason why as the rest of the homepage is just a picture really. Am I doing something wrong. Also - one of them says HOME but can I get rid of this as if you press on the logo it goes to Home anyway? And - I appear to have two home pages - the one at the top of the menu tree in Primary Navigation (in the dashboard - Pages), and then one underneath. But if I delete the one underneath then the picture disappears and the website goes funny. Again - is this ok, or is this bad! Thank you in advance!
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