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  1. Can someone share how to make the announcment bar animated? I would like it to flash. Thank you for your help. Bedford template https://crow-shark-d2c4.squarespace.com/config/ passcode -4646
  2. awesome site! Nice job. One thing that stuck out to me was the area where you have "coming soon" and "sold out" for the product Little Summer Stretch Knit. It also appears to be featured twice. For the user it could be confusing on it you are out of stock or if it is a new product coming. I would go with one. Again nice work. I am buiding a site now and it is alot of work. Good luck!
  3. Hi! I think the site looks really good! You did a great job. The images are bright, the layout is clean. I also like the flashing free shipping at the top. The only thing I would change is the pop up in the lower left. From a user experince the frequency this flashs could be a bit of a distraction.
  4. Hello, My name is Joan. This is my first post and I would greatly appreciate help. I am using Beford template. For some reason when I add a link to the footer it puts an underline under the text that has the link. I would like to remove the underline. Thank you. https://crow-shark-d2c4.squarespace.com/config/ passcode- 4646
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