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  1. Site URL: http://theattnco.com/contact I've configured the content on my page to sit in the bottom left hand corner and it works perfectly on desktop, but when using an iPhone, Safari's user interface covers the bottom-most part of the page's content. I know this is a functionality of Safari, but was wonder if anyone had some ideas on what I could do on my end (maybe some specific mobile padding?) to work around this issue caused by mobile Safari's behavior.
  2. Dom's underlines do look a little low to me, by mine are half-way into the next line of text. Is this a platform wide bug, specific to certain fonts? My underlines were just fine a week ago, but now they're way under the text they're supposed to be underlining. https://www.theattnco.com/home
  3. The link underline on my site is also exhibiting this large gap between the text and underline. My site is https://www.theattnco.com/home
  4. I am experiencing this issue on my site as well. https://www.theattnco.com/home
  5. Is it possible to align an image inside an image block to the left or right instead of the default center alignment?
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