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  1. I spent at least 90 minutes look for the answer as to how to create a line space. At least I have the answer for myself. Standard html code works inside the email notification editing window. I could not get that info from SqSp or anywhere else. I should have just tried it DUH! I wanted to add a line space for instance. <BR><BR> did the trick. I also was able to bold-face some text i.e. <B>text</B> That did the trick. Just like the old days where everything was html. DUH! So if anyone is a stupid as me and you don't know what code to use just google "html code" Geez.
  2. All I want to do is to add a line space. There must be a simple html code that I can place in my email notifications to do this or better, a list of html code that will work in email notifications. I'm not talking about the list of JSON or automated HTML that adds date and etc. Just would like to ad one line space here or there. :-) Corky
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