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  1. Site URL: https://www.jarnanaturbruksgymnasium.se/kalender CALENDAR: Is there a setting that I can change to get a 24 hour clock in calendar instead of a AM/PM clock? Maybe change the months and days to the language of the site (Swedish)? Thanks for your help .
  2. Hej Lauren, How did you get the + and - to change when opening a question and answer? Kind Regards, Ronald
  3. Site URL: https://www.jarnanaturbruksgymnasium.se/faq Hej, I want to add a FAQ on my site with a down and up arrow when you open a question. Is there some code i can add? exempel:https://support.google.com/youtube/?hl=en-GB#topic= arrow on the side of the question . Markdown block: ### *Hur är det att gå på Järna Naturbruksgymnasium? Vi är ett mindre gymnasium i gårdsmiljö med ekologisk inriktning. Vi värnar om en trygg och kreativ lärandemiljö med omsorg om djur, natur och människor. Du som funderar på att söka till våra utbildningar är välkommen att höra av dig
  4. Site URL: https://www.jarnanaturbruksgymnasium.se/borjahososs Hej, I try to build a page with 2 image blocks like in the exempel --> diagonal But i need help with layout and how to do this. Can i cut the corner of the image in squarespace or do i need photoshop this? How can i achieve this diagonal layout? How is this behaving on different screens? Brakepoints? I am a beginner just trying to figure it out... Tanks for your help
  5. How do I remove the banner image on a page in mobile and/or tablet view using the Mojave template? https://www.jarnanaturbruksgymnasium.se/ Thanks for your help. Kind regards, Ronald
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