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  1. Thank you!! It worked perfectly! Do you know how to change the size on mobile? I used the normal font-size: to change it on desktop but it is still pretty small on mobile and won't change the size on my iphone. Any suggestions?
  2. I tested it out in my custom CSS. When I type in text within the banner page description the have heart two font shows up. However, if I bold the text in the page description it does not show up.
  3. I'm currently using the Hayden template and wondering if there is code to add my uploaded font to my squarespace banner. I don't want the typical squarespace text style in each banner section, but looking to add my own custom text and possibly adding text animation if at all possible. Here is my website homepage: https://www.mccloskeycoaching.com/ The text on the screen now is on the image itself I created in picmonkey. But is there a way to code the text on the website directly? I have done it everywhere else on my site except for the banner image. Thanks!
  4. https://www.mccloskeycoaching.com/lifestyle-blog/5-success-tips-on-starting-a-new-health-routine-1 It's like that on all my blog posts. If I could remove the thumbnail in my header and title that would be ideal!
  5. When I click to read my blog the title shows up on my header but I don't want it there. Is there a code to insert to remove this?
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