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  1. Hi @tuanphan, Ok, that worked. Thank you! But now, the last page of every tab is Red, and I only wanted the "Request Appointment" in red. Is there some code that allows the last navigation tab but not the last page in each tab? Here's the site: https://www.losaltoseyecare.com/home
  2. Hi @MagneM, Thanks so much for your response. Sorry, do I put this code on the Header "Code Injection" under Settings? Also, do I need to put this code exactly as you typed it? Or do I need to make changes? Because it didn't work when I copied and pasted it. Thanks
  3. Trying to change one of the Navigation Text to a different color. Currently, all of Navigation Titles are Black but I'd like the "Request Appointment" Title to be Red. I've been looking all over and can't find the code to put in Ishimoto Template. Here's my site link: https://www.losaltoseyecare.com/home Here's the tab I want Red on the Navigation: https://www.losaltoseyecare.com/request-appointment
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