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  1. @kale Ok i see that issue that I am having now and it doesn't look like i can fix it easily. I tried the a few hacks and a JQuery script but both did not look right. Is it possible to show me what I need to do to have just a regular image? This way I could maybe cheat and insert the text into the image using photoshop.
  2. I am trying to extend my background image so that it remains at full width. Can somone help me with this? Thanks!www.jobspark.ca
  3. Below is my css .fullWidthSectionBG { background: #f5f5f5; border-bottom: solid 1px #ddd; border-top: solid 1px #ddd; margin-left: -1600px; margin-right: -1600px; padding-top:20px;} .fullWidthSection { padding-right: 1600px; margin-left: 1600px; }
  4. @kale ok so that work but only problem is that the background color doesn't stretch down along with the text www.jobspark.ca
  5. One last question... If I am wanting to make two columns in that background do I need to make two new divs and place them within the div class or what. Can you show me where about to place the divs among your code <div class="fullWidthSectionBG"> <div class="fullWidthSection"> <p>Content goes here</p> </div> </div>
  6. Not a problem at all kale you have been a huge help! what was that css i could insert if I decided I was fine with getting rid of the search bar?
  7. On my Iphone the light grey background stretches way off screen on the right hand side. It was fine with the code you provided me before but then the search bar was gone.
  8. @kale doesn't quite seem to do the trick. Any other ideas?? body { overflow-x: hidden;}
  9. @kale can you see the issue of why on a mobile device the full width background extends way past the site width on the right hand side of the page. http://www.jobspark.ca/
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